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Every four years when the Olympics come around Australia’s men’s team, the ‘Kookaburras’ are the favourites to win the gold medal. The expectation on the team to deliver is immense. Yet Olympic medals are not easy to win.

Title: Australia's Hockey Grail
Author: Ashley Morrison
Year: 20016

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Every four years when the Olympic Games come around attention turns to the Kookaburras, Australia’s men’s hockey team. For over 30 years the Kookaburras have been ranked in the top five teams in the world. Frequently in the period between Olympic Games they have swept all before them, winning major tournaments across the globe. Yet Olympic gold has proved elusive. Why?

Australia’s Hockey Grail looks at Australia’s history at the Olympic Games since it first participated in the Field Hockey in 1956. It explores the expectations placed on the team, and when that expectation was born by talking to those who had to carry the burden of an expected gold medal, and then been branded unfairly “failures” for bring home a different colour medal.


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